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Enφniti offers different projects on CFD simulations of Engine and transmission. We make use of CFD package like STAR-CD can simulate Engine scavenging, Intake flow in the diesel engine, Exhaust flow and so on.
Enφniti offers Underhood CFD analysis to test the durability and to study the thermal characteristics of the temperature sensitive underhood components that are exposed to high temperature heat sources situated under the bonnet.
Enφniti offers projects on aerodynamic analyses carried out to test the stability of the vehicle during different crosswinds, Pressure drag and friction drag acting on the vehicles, downforce and so on. The effect of different attachments like negative wing profile, side skirts, underbody structures and different designs on the stability of the vehicle can also be studied.
Gas turbine
We at Enφniti analyze Gas Turbine mechanisms for all analysis in the CFD domain.
Multiphase Multi Species
Enφniti has capability to simulate Multiphase flow, in the situation where more than one fluid is present and all the fluids are immiscible.