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Permanent Staffing

We provide resources and professionals meeting your expectations in time, utilizing our large network of placement consultants, academic network and professional network.

Temporaray Staffing
We provide professionals for temporary assignments. You can hire our staff for a short term, by the day or the month whatever suits you best. The staff works directly under your supervision. The fee depends on the assignment and worker's skill level.
Managed Staffing
We undertake managed staffing, wherein the resources will be managed by us at your facility. We will provide a team of resources for a agreed upon time period and we will take responsibility for all delivery responsibilities utilizing the infrastructure and communication systems at your facility in close coordination with your management.
We provide career oriented training through our customised courses, includes:
1. Corporate Training, 2. Classroom Training,
3. Web Based Training 4. CBT (Computer Based Training)
In various engineering domains relevant to the industry along with software tool based training for the products we distribute in India