Integrated Manufacturing Solutions

Our integrated manufacturing Solution capability enables us to provide Build-To-Specification (B2S) Solutions / partner for global product companies looking for reduction in time-to-market, reduction in operating costs, and ensure high-quality products to their customers. We have proven integrated manufacturing solutions with a strong competitive advantage due to our established ecosystem of partners and clusters - Enphiniti Service Grid Network ™.

Increase Competitive Advantage with Proven Integrated Manufacturing Solutions

Build-to-Specification (B2S)

We offer concept to qualification solutions, with ownership of the system in our respective domains.

Synergy Partner

Our solutions covers the complex defense and aerospace industry to other industries, including transportation, industrial, construction, material handling and heavy equipment, medical and healthcare among others.

Customised and Flexible Solutions

We cover the entire range of solutions from High Cost - High volumes to Low cost - Low Volumes enabling our customers to achieve competitive advantage with reliable partner.

Our IMS cover the following:

New Product Development

Electronics Manufacuring

Mechanical Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

Sourcing solutions

Staffing / resource management solutions

Supply chain management solutions

Deploy the products to market at the lowest possible time but retaining cost-effectiveness and good quality is the key to success. Enphiniti provides end-to-end solutions to our customers to ensure their competitive and success as a synergy partner during the entire product life cycle.

To address the above, we offer:

Value Engineering: To identify and reduce overall product costs.

Manage Obsolescence: To address future supply chain challenges

Product Optimisation: To identify and reduce overall product costs.

Smooth and Seamless Transition: To identify and reduce overall product costs.

We are our customers preferred choice for the following competencies:

Certifications and Standards

We at Enphiniti benchmark and follow the global best practices under which all our activities, systems and assemblies are established. We are ISO-9001/2015 Certified and are implementing AS-9100D.

Manufacturing Quality

Our internal standards and process ensure quality that is the backbone of a successful IMS. Our quality practices, testing, and inspection guarantee intended performance and customer satisfaction of every deliverable / unit. Our investments in fixtures and setup, provides increased reliability and yield.

Mechanical Manufacturing

Our mechanical manufacturing capabilities include:


CNC Precision Milling (3-Axis, 4-Axis and 5-Axis) and Turning


Precision Drilling


CMM Inspection


New Product Development


3D Printing (Metal and Plastic)

Non-destructive Testing


EDM Sparking (Plunge and Wire Electrode Discharge Machining)


Surface Treatment


Heat Treatment

Aerospace and Defense Applications

Mounting brackets

Jigs and fixtures


Non-critical support structures

Surrogates for training

High-detail visual prototypes


Profile inspection tools

Cabin interiors and accessories

Manufacturing aids for the assembly line

Our NPI services:

Component engineering
Design for manufacture analysis
Design for test analysis
Test system development